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Beautiful Beach Resorts on Big La Laguna Bay, Puerto Galera.

Some of the best Scuba Diving in The Philippines.

Beachfront Diving Resorts in Puerto Galera

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We have two resorts located on Big La Laguna Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Galera. Our resorts are perfectly located for quick access to the local dive sites, and we have a wide variety of rooms and suites available, to suit any budget. From cosy beachfront cottages to penthouse rooms and suites suitable for groups. Our resorts have all the amenities you would expect, including restaurants, swimming pool, free wireless internet and our very popular rooftop Skybar and terrace, with it’s commanding views of the ocean and nearby islets.

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Puerto Galera is separated from the Philippines mainland of Luzon by the Verde Passage, which is recognised as one of the most biodiverse bodies of water in the world, and it’s warm, nutrient-rich waters provide a hospitable environment for thousands of species of corals, shorefish and a wide and diverse variety of other incredible sea creatures.

The Diving in Puerto Galera is some of the best in the Philippines, and even Asia. The dive sites in Puerto Galera are truly world-class, and have been attracting diving enthusiasts from all over the world for decades! Located on the Northeastern tip of Mindoro Island, Puerto Galera can be easily reached from Manila in just a few hours.

Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera is a year-round activity, unlike some other areas in the Philippines. Because of Puerto Galera’s geographical location, it is protected from typhoons and ocean swells by nearby islets and mountains. Puerto Galera has no summer and winter as such, only the rainy and dry seasons,and the weather is warm, pleasant and perfect for diving the whole year. The average water temperature in Puerto Galera is around 28°Celcius, and the visibility is generally very good.

Diving in Puerto Galera: Dive Sites

The are over 40 dive sites in Puerto Galera, with about 20-30 of those being the most popular ones, suitable for recreational diving. Amazingly, most of these dive sites are only a few minutes boat ride from your dive resort!

Read More about Dive sites in Puerto Galera

One of the reasons the diving in Puerto Galera continues to draw so many visitors each year, is the variety of diving available. There are many muck-diving sites that host an incredible variety of bizarre and beautiful sea creatures, and are perfect for underwater photography enthusiasts. Puerto Galera also has several wreck dives on offer, including both wooden and steel hulled wrecks, in varying depths of water, making some of the wrecks available to those new to Scuba Diving. Over time these wrecks have become man-made reefs and have blossomed with hard and soft corals which provide shelter and food sources to all sorts of fish, crustaceans and other sea fauna. For the more adventurous, there are also high-voltage drift dives, which are certainly thrilling, but are only recommended for advanced divers.

Your dive guides are extremely familiar with all the dive sites in Puerto Galera, so have a chat with them and tell them what sort of dives you are interested in, and they will be sure to take you to the best sites for your enjoyment.

Visit our Puerto Galera Dive Sites page for more detailed information on the individual dive sites in Puerto Galera.

Diving in Puerto Galera: Dive Courses

Puerto Galera Scuba Diving Courses

If you are new to Scuba Diving, our friendly and professional dive Instructors are here to help! The Discover Scuba course is aimed at people who would like to try diving before committing to a full course. The course takes only a few hours, during which you will learn the basics about your diving equipment and some essential safety skills. After this your Dive Instructor will accompany you on your first open water dive, to enjoy the incredible sights in the waters of Puerto Galera! If you decide you would like to further your training, your Discover Scuba course counts towards the next step, the Open Water Course. Your Open Water qualification is your passport to being able to dive anywhere in the world, for life!

Find out more about Scuba Diving courses suitable for you.

Should you have any questions or enquiries, please contact us, and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

We hope to see you soon and share with you an incredible experience while diving in Puerto Galera!

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