June 8 is World Oceans Day! We're showing some love for seahorses! Seahorses aren't just unique in their looks. They're unusual among fish because they're monogamous - they mate for life! They also swim "upright," fluttering a small fin on their back up to 35x per second. Several species are vulnerable to extinction, so show [...]

An awesome night at the Scandi Divers Resort Sky Bar! Live music with some very talented musicians, good people and plenty of cold beers. Great way to unwind after a 'hard day' scuba diving ;) This is a short clip of Nick covering Cat Stevens' "Wild World". Just a teaser, we have more to come!

On New Years Eve 2014 Terry O'Dowd conducted the second Annual 'Jurassic Dive' with six other 'mature' divers from around Sabang. This year the cumulative age of the Jurassic Divers was 441 years!

  Happy New Year to all our friends, and all the best for 2015! Thanks to Rob Jacobs from Calypso Multimedia for the footage of the New Years Eve firework celebrations on Sabang Beach.

Big thanks and congratulations to KGV (King George V School Hong Kong)! On October 11th twenty students accompanied by teachers Janett Makett, Susan Leatham and Diving Instructor/Supervisor Aaron Gillespie visited Scandi Divers and Campbell's Beach Resort to enroll in the PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water diving courses, as well as participate in some [...]

Stairway Foundation Book Drive

Scandi Divers Resort owner David Asmussen and 20 Scuba Diving students from Hong Kong took part in a one and a half hour hike to the Stairway Foundation mountain-top school for underprivileged native children  in order to donate over 300 books to help improve the kids' education. A worthy cause and a spectacular view! Big [...]

It's that time of year again when the Scandi staff get the chance to go away and have some fun together! This years staff holiday took us to the 'Big City' to visit the Manila Ocean Park, the Manila Zoo, and Intramuros which is the oldest district and historic core of the City of Manila. [...]

Happy Birthday Conan!

From all the staff at Scandi Divers, a big "Happy Birthday" to our friend and Scandi Divers resident dive instructor Conan Fagan. Once again the Scandi Divers Sky Bar was put to good use, for Conan's party. Good food, good friends, and lots of laughs! All the best Conan!

Party with a Surprise!

Once again Scandi Divers Sky Bar was host to a great night out and a party with a twist. Mark Amdal (AKA Papa Mark), a resident of Big La Laguna, celebrated his longtime girlfriend Rose's 30th birthday. With a rocking party at the Sky Bar, with local band School of Rock providing the entertainment. After [...]

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Chinese New Year celebrations at the Scandi Divers Resort Sky Bar. It was a great night, and everybody enjoyed the traditional releasing of sky lanterns. In ancient China, sky lanterns were strategically used in wars. However later on, non-military applications were employed as they became popular [...]

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