June 8 is World Oceans Day! We’re showing some love for seahorses!

world oceans day

Seahorses aren’t just unique in their looks. They’re unusual among fish because they’re monogamous – they mate for life!

They also swim “upright,” fluttering a small fin on their back up to 35x per second.

Several species are vulnerable to extinction, so show them some love by not buying products made from seahorses.

World Oceans Day is celebrated around the world every June 8th. Join in! Visit http://www.WorldOceansDay.org/ to download materials & find events near you!

Thanks to Bill Sarro from Maryland Scuba Association for the beautiful photos. Looking forward to have you back!

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scuba diving puerto galera philippines

Another great week with a group from I Love Diving. See you next month Shen Lei!

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scandi divers resort puerto galeraWishing safe travels back to Switzerland to the whole Caprez family.

Thank you for the amazing photos Raoul Caprez, love your website! www.capraoul.ch

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scuba diving puerto galera

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